Ingot Farming

Why Ingot Farming

Ingot Farming is a new DeFi project aim to combine the power of yield farming together the scarcity of NFT. Nowadays, in the most of DeFi projects, yield farming is only possibile by staking ERC20 Tokens and earn profit by this staking.
The idea behind Ingot Farming is to break conventional rules about yield farming and extend beyond this concept: the staking is not only limited to ERC20 Tokens, but also extended to NFTs, in this case Ingot NFTs

Token economy

Ingot Farming is based on an iper-deflationary token economy in which the emission rate of the main token is subject to halves during time. This means that the emission decreases until a specific time where, at this point, current supply remains constant.
In Ingot Farming you can stake Ingot NFTs to earn Ingot Tokens. Ingot NFTs are comparable to real ingot, but in a NFT fashion, you can buy from the store, trade and lock to generate profit from the pool.
Furthermore to increase scarcity and valuable in the early stage of project, most of the tokens and NFTs will be burned.
Last modified 11mo ago